We’ll take you to stunning locations—from modern cities to UNESCO World Herigate sites to remote mountain villages—where you’ll develop your own visual style through regular assignments and private and group discussions.

Skanderbeg Square, Tirana


9 Days: May 27 - June 4, 2022 


This spring itinerary takes us to the south where we’ll stop at cities and villages of great cultural and epicurean significance—including two world heritage sites. We’ll begin the workshop in the vibrant capital, Tirana, and then head southeast to Korce (birthplace of my grandparents), Albania’s intellectual and cultural center. 

From Korce, we’ll travel to the gorgeous high mountain village of Voskopoje, established in 1330, and make a day trip to the magnificent monastery of St Naum, in Northern Macedonia, before traveling on to Permet, a village known for both its outstanding liquor and healing thermal pools. The spectacular World Heritage town of Gjirokaster is next, before ending our trip at the beautiful Mediterranean town of Sarande. 

In addition to daily lessons, private and group discussions, this trip will include a bookmaking component with Dan Milnor, of Blurb books. All participants will be guided in making their own unique magazine during the week. 

Price: $4,150  
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Valbona, The Accursed Mountains

9 Days: June 10 - 18, 2022


We’ll begin our trip in Tirana, the vibrant and cool capital. We then head north to Shkoder, the ancient Venetian and artisan city surrounded by a castle and lake. From Shkoder we’ll travel by ferry through the fjords of Albania to reach the spectacular Accursed Mountains—the Albanian Alps. Three nights will be spent in the small and gorgeous village of Valbona, where we’ll shoot, hike, explore, discuss, work on books, eat (and drink!) the local specialities. Our last night is spent in Lezhe, on a gorgeous farm and boutique hotel where all food is locally produced.

This trip also includes a bookmaking component with Dan Milnor. Participants will be guided in making their own unique magazine during the week.

Price: $3,950
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Included in all trips: local guides for in-depth perspectives of Albania’s unique history and culture. Private transportation with dedicated drivers, as well as airport pick up. Carefully selected hotels and inns. Fresh and delicious Albanian food everywhere we go. Breakfast and lunch are included daily, and some dinners (with wine and Raki). You’ll feel at home in no time.

When you sign up for the tour you will be sent links and details of all our stops and accommodations.


Itinerary 1


Itinerary 2



Europe’s hidden gem. Albania is a small country in the Balkans perched on the coast of the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Ionian seas. Sandwiched between Greece, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo it is a beautiful agrarian country with high mountains, vast lakes, stunning beaches, fresh food and kind people.

The last Communist country to fall after fifty years of isolation, Albania is an extraordinary European secret. This photography workshop is the first of its kind in a country that only relatively recently emerged from the throes of Communism. We’ll take you to ancient cities, the dazzling alps, and sites of cultural heritage while helping you develop your own unique vision. This workshop is crafted to offer you the highest level of individual instruction and support as we visit each hand-picked location in a country few have seen. 

This is the country where my grandparents and relatives were born, all of whom were off-limits to me until my first visit in 1993. I have traveled extensively throughout Albania over the last thirty years and am now happy to introduce this incredible place to you. 



“I loved the trip. It was a very unique journey, both culturally and photographically. It’s opened up a whole new photographic world for me that I look forward to pursuing. Very grateful to Elena for that.”- Kathy K.

”Deciding to make a photographic journey to Albania was never on my bucket list until I had the good fortune to meet a fine art photographer whose multiple decades in this beautiful, unique and alluring region became my next adventure. The land, history, architecture, food and the arts were unknown to me until I took this incredible journey with Wide Angel. If your’e looking for an unforgettable experience, and to bring your photography to the next level, Elena has the ability to grant this and more.”-Amy K.

“This was an outstanding trip that I would recommend to others.”- Arthur D.

“Albania was the last place I ever thought I’d visit (I wasn’t even sure where it was) but I’m very glad I did. The beauty and diversity of the county—beaches, mountains, modern and ancient cities—really blew my mind. Wide-Angle Tours introduced me to a part of the world and a culture that is like no other. Hiking, exploring, making photos, interacting with locals--I can’t wait to do it again.”-Paul A.

“I was happy to actually think about photography for the first time in a long time.” - Daniel M.



I’m an Albanian-American visual artist who has been traveling to and photographing throughout Albania since 1993. My first trip was to reconnect with my extended family, all of whom lived in forced isolation from 1945 until 1991. 

Wide Angle Tours was born from the desire to share my experiences and insider knowledge of this unique destination with other like-minded people. Photographers, painters, filmmakers—all creatives will benefit and are welcome.