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Albania, Southern Europe’s hidden gem, is a small country perched on the coast of the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Ionian seas. Sandwiched between Greece, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo it is a beautiful agrarian country with high mountains, vast lakes, stunning beaches, fresh food and kind people.

The last Communist country to fall after fifty years of isolation, Albania is an extraordinary European secret. This photography workshop is the first of its kind in a country that only relatively recently emerged from the throes of Communism. We’ll take you to ancient cities, the dazzling alps, and sites of cultural heritage while helping you develop your own unique vision. This workshop is crafted to offer you the highest level of individual instruction and support as we visit each hand-picked location in a country few have seen. 

This is the country where my grandparents and relatives were born, all of whom were off-limits to me until my first visit in 1993. I have traveled extensively throughout Albania over the last thirty years and am now happy to introduce this incredible place to you. 


Itinerary 1


Itinerary 2