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“I loved the trip. It was a very unique journey, both culturally and photographically. It’s opened up a whole new photographic world for me that I look forward to pursuing. Very grateful to Elena for that.”- Kathy K.

”Deciding to make a photographic journey to Albania was never on my bucket list until I had the good fortune to meet a fine art photographer whose multiple decades in this beautiful, unique and alluring region became my next adventure. The land, history, architecture, food and the arts were unknown to me until I took this incredible journey with Wide Angel. If your’e looking for an unforgettable experience, and to bring your photography to the next level, Elena has the ability to grant this and more.” - Amy K.

“This was an outstanding trip that I would recommend to others.” - Arthur D.

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"I especially appreciated the one-on-one sessions with Elena and Dan who made both very interesting assessments of my photographic work, inspired future projects and indicated a way to go. We shared a lot with the group members who were all very open-minded and with whom shooting, discussing and having fun was a real pleasure”.

- Paul H.

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